About Us

Our path to living in Belize began in 2010. We came here on our first vacation together and our first destination was camping at Barton Creek in the Cayo District. We knew, then and there, that we just had to move here. We even put a timeline on it that we would move here by 2012!

Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, we moved from our home state of Missouri to Austin, Texas and spent the next several years vacationing around Central America, but always with Belize in the back of our minds.

By 2019, we were starting to feel a little stagnant and knew it was time for a change. We decided to quit our jobs, sell our house, pack up our dogs, and take off exploring. We spent about five months driving and hiking throughout the western United States, staying in as many different types of places as we could. We stayed in over 25 short-term rental properties on that excursion and it made us realize, “we could do this rental thing!”

After that trip, we moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to try some new ventures, with the dream still being to end up in Belize one day. Then, all of a sudden… COVID. There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you re-evaluate your timeline. We decided it was time for Belize! “If not now, when?!”

So, once again, we sold our house, nearly everything we owned, packed up the dogs, and headed here, our dream destination twelve years in the making!

(Here we are in 2010 at Xunantunich and in 2022 at one of our favorite local restaurants.)